Callaway Packaging


Callaway Golf packaging. First image in the set is for Callaway Golf Training Aid line. Second image features the Kick-Back packaging for the Training Aid line, as well as a Walmart exclusive blue look.



Packaging designed for SYNTHA-6 ready to drink category that are available in 7-11 type stores as well as gas stations. Two distinct looks here, one for the mass market and the other is for the bodybuiding industry. Bodybuilding industry (third image) look has the familiar BSN label style.

Maxim Ads


Two ads that were tailor made for the Maxim magazine demographic. One is promoting SYNTHA-6 ready to drink bottles, while the other is for SYNTHA-6 protein bars. While they are racy, it takes a lot to stand out in Maxim.

Syntha-6 Product Ads


This set contains three product ads I created for SYNTHA-6. The concept was to create a clean ad that really focused on the bottle as opposed to the copy. These ads ran in Mens fitness magazines.

2010 Mens Fitness Ads


This set features a selection of ads from the 2010 Fitness advertising campaign. Featured in such magazines as Mens Health, Mens Fitness and Fitness RX. Includes BSN athletes Forrest Griffin, Joakim Noah and Julien Greaux.



Ads created for Train Like a Freak apparel, BSN's clothing line aimed at those who are serious about bodybuilding and fitness.

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